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Five by Kevin Quigley

For a number of years now, Kevin Quigley's Charnel House has been a mainstay of the online Stephen-King presence, functioning as a clearing house for new information about King, for reviews of books by and about King, and for sharing enthusiasms for Things-King in general. And during those years, Kevin has himself become a valuable resource, particularly when it comes to some of the less-frequently visited niches in King studies...resulting in a series of special-interest chapbooks that cover King's often tradition-breaking incursions into e-books, audio-books, comic-books, among other delightful topics.

Kevin just announced that another standard name in King studies--Cemetery Dance--has made his earlier chapbooks...and a brand new one...available as ebooks. Below are his comments (directly from Charnel House, so you know they're up-to-date and accurate). Or check them out directly at his website:

You'll have to go a long way to find a more passionate fan or a more comprehensive series of studies. Thanks, Kevin, for the work you put into them....

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FIVE NEW EBOOKS ABOUT STEPHEN KING, all written by me, Kevin Quigley, your Charnel House webmaster! These limited edition chapbooks had small print runs and most are no longer available in print form. Now publisher Cemetery Dance offers each of these books as eBooks ... including one, Blood In Your Ears, which actually precedes the print version! That's right, folks, Blood is making its first worldwide appearance in eBook format!
Even if you've read the print versions of these, I've been working diligently to keep these books as current as possible; all have new material and new information. Plus, best news: they are ALL available for only 99 cents, and ALL come in both Kindle and ePub format. No matter what e-reader you prefer, these books are perfect!
Folks, I am super excited about this release. I've always been fascinated with the odd nooks and crannies of King's career, and it was out of a need to read books on these topics that I was compelled to write them. If anyone says there's nothing new to write about Stephen King, they're not looking hard enough. I truly loved writing these books, and I am thrilled that they're reaching a wider audience with these ebook releases!
Here's the full rundown!


Stephen King has written over seventy books, a stunning figure for any writer. Even more stunning? There are more books written about King than by him. INK IN THE VEINS profiles the writers who have written on King, from pioneering authors like Douglas Winter and Michael Collings through new experts like Justin Brooks, Bev Vincent, and Rocky Wood. There's information on Castle Rock, the now-defunct Stephen King newsletter, and a mostly-complete list of every book ever written about King.
Rounded out with interviews with the world's most prominent King scholars, INK IN THE VEINS is a fun and fascinating look at the unsung world of Stephen King criticism! Get your copy here!


Enter the recorded world of Stephen King, where he not only writes your nightmares, he actually reads them to you, too! BLOOD IN YOUR EARS examines everything Stephen King has given his voice to, from his early DARK TOWER novels and his audio-only collection BLOOD AND SMOKE to his recording of "Stand By Me" with the Rock Bottom Remainders and his role as Abraham Lincoln on Sarah Vowell's audiobook, Assassination Vacation. In addition to the books Stephen King has recorded, BLOOD IN YOUR EARS also delves into the Stephen King work of audio superstar Frank Muller.
Rounded out with an examination of dramatic recordings of King work, King's Top Ten Best Audiobooks, and a list of every Stephen King audio title ever recorded, BLOOD IN YOUR EARS is your one-stop guide to answering the question, "Heard any good books lately?" Get your copy here!


For nearly forty years, Stephen King has been making history on the bestseller charts. CHART OF DARKNESS is a surprisingly exciting jaunt through that history, from the quiet early success of Carrie through recent chart triumphs Under the Dome and Full Dark, No Stars. You'll learn what books hit the number-one spot, which ones didn't, and why. Along the way, you'll discover secrets of King's career, like why King switched publishers — twice — why King decided to create, kill, and resurrect his pseudonym, and the weird way the general public first heard about the Dark Tower series.
A unique, compact, and intriguing journey through the storied career of the only author in history to have written over thirty number one books. Get your copy here!


Stephen King has long been at the forefront of experimental publishing. As the world grows more digital each day, King has consistently remained on the edge of breakthrough trends and technology, finding new ways to publish and interpret his stories. King's digital journey has been strange and fascinating. Wetware is your guide. From the prehistory of King’s involvement with digital media such as The Dark Half video game and F13 to his online release of the lost work, The Cannibals, Wetware covers it all — in a concise and engaging pocket history. Explore the controversy surrounding King's online serial publication, The Plant. Relive the groundbreaking excitement of King's landmark e-book publication, Riding the Bullet.
If you ever engaged in interactive fiction with The Mist, were intrigued by the Kindle-only release of UR, or terrified by the motion comic N., Wetware is essential reading. Get your copy here!


Most Stephen King fans remember him playing Jordy Verrill, the "lunkhead" who becomes a giant plant monster from outer space in the movie version of Creepshow. But King's association with comic books goes way beyond that. DRAWN INTO DARKNESS delves into the hidden world of King's comics career, from the creepy early adaptation of "The Lawnmower Man" to his part in creating the Eisner Award Winning Best New Series, AMERICAN VAMPIRE. We look at the ongoing success of adaptations like THE DARK TOWER and THE STAND, and examine why the similar adaptation of THE TALISMAN failed.
See how King tried to kill Kitty Pryde from the X-Men, whether he prefers Betty or Veronica, and why he continues to be obsessed with Batman: all here in DRAWN INTO DARKNESS! Get your copy here!

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