Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Short Story by Rand Barrus

            Once there was a moon. It was a purple moon with two space explorers. Their names were Jack and Mathew.  They were making an alliance with the Indians of the Purple Moon.   Their tribe was called the InfoCaros.   They were purple and green. They had weird tents called wiggawams.
            The purple moon they lived on they called The Purple Moon, because in their language, it meant Big Rock.
            The creatures on it were very dangerous. There were Pike Rocks, Ferenass, and Terras, and the scariest of all, a little pink girl!  She could scare away the most fierce of all the animals! Her name was Kelby. 
            Kelby tried kicking the space explorers, but every time she did, they would spray her with string cheese! She was so happy because she ate cheese.  While they were spraying her, they noticed that she liked it, so they switched to pepper spray.  When they sprayed her with that, she started bellowing.  She took out a pocket knife and swung and swung until the space explorers finally took her out with a shovel!
            As soon as she got knocked out, they buried her ALIVE!
            As soon as she was under the ground, the space explorers stopped for a rest; but when they did, they heard a BIG rumble! They went to check the underground moniters, but there was nothing there.  They found out what the creature was. It was a Stykross! A Stykross is an underground creature that digs as fast as an airplane flies through the sky! They didn’t know how to stop it.  They grabbed their NT48s and got on top of a big, large rock.
            As soon as they did that, they heard a scream! It was a triantula! It was soaring as fast as the fastest jet!  Then they heard another loud noise.  A boy named Devin came. He started shooting at it with his NT18.  It was still coming at them fast! The boy could not shoot it! He shot IN FRONT of it, and got the wing! The creature fell down with a big CRASH!
            The Space Explorers went to dissect the triantula to find out where its weak point was. It turned out that the weak point WAS the wing! It had more nerves and more meat than any other part of the body.
            Devin started running towards the Explorers. He said that he was there for the Infestation.  The Explorers didn’t know what the Infestation was about, but they knew that he was there to help.  They all went inside the cabin to get some rest, but as soon as they got inside, and closed the door, they heard a loud, loud bang!
            It was a Screature!
            A Screature is a body with no heart, no meat, no blood cells, and no nerves! They were HARD to kill! However, as soon as it got in, Devin took out his NT18 and started shooting.  The Explorers all got down and ducked below the bullets. They crawled towards the safe house that was on the purple moon.  They got the mini guns out of the safe house.  They looked out the window, and they didn’t see Devin!
            It turned out he was playing poker with the Screature!!!!
            It was fun to watch, but he signaled the Explorers to start shooting at the Screature.  As soon as they got out of the safe house, Devin got down and the Explorers shot the Screature until it was down on the ground, too. It was a very short time, but it helped!
            They examined the body carefully, like it was a pet dog. They injected a liquid into the body and took some blood. If they drank the blood, they would be teleported to a bizarre room with water on one side, and NOTHING on the other. On the side with the water, there was a door. If they could reach the door, they would go back to their homes, and the Purple Moon would never have existed.
            So they tried one time and a creature came into the water! It was a Box Jellyfish. As soon as they tried to shoot it, the bullets would get electrocuted and disintegrated before they could harm the creature. So they all went in at once and traveled on the bottom.
            As soon as they got to the door, they opened it. They were all teleported back to earth.  They were so happy that they were back on Earth that they hugged and screamed with joy! After that, they went to their homes, and took the rest of the year off.
The end!
* * * * *
Pretty good for a 10-year-old (and I say that even though he is my grandson). I for one would like to hear more about the Triantulas and Screatures!

Thanks for sending it, Rand. Hope you enjoy seeing your labors on the internet.

Love, Poppa.

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