Monday, March 12, 2012

Music of the Spheres--A Filamental Emblem

Fire falling from crystalline Outer Sphere—

Sphere of God—down to Earth-Dust-World—
World where we are second-born—

On its way—pure-poured Flame vibrating Sun—
Moon—Stars—Wanderers through blue Night—

Flame touches incandescent eternals—
Spirits of Fire eager for breath and dust—

Eager to descend concentric Spheres—
Become one with Earth—pass through Water—

Ascend Air—rejoin the Fount of All-Flame—
Elemental Unity at the End of All—

Children of Highest God ….

Unlike most of the other Filamental Emblems, which range from six to eight inches across and are crocheted from three strands of sewing thread, this one was intended to be large...cosmically large--or at least as close to that as I could get with a crochet hook and yarn.
Mounted, it is nearly four feet across. Each distinctive round represents one of the seven classical crystalline spheres that compose the cosmos--the center being Earth, and the outermost being the Realm of God. When all of the crystalline spheres move in concord to the will of God, it was believed, each would rub against its neighbors and set up a vibration. When all seven vibrated properly, the result was a chord, the "Music of the Spheres."
Such an image is elegant and sophisticated, concrete and ethereal, as I hoped the final Emblem would also be.

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  1. Breathtaking and what an undertaking. I have crocheted some--hats and scarves, but this is gorgeous. I'm glad to see that you are feeling well enough to be CREATIVE in a way you love!